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The task spectrum of the church documentation office currently covers buildings from the end of classicism around 1860, in Germany called "Historismus" (revival styles) until the change in architecture "Neues Bauen" (around 1919/1920). The spectrum also covers Art Nouveau and "Heimatstil" (traditional local style) Not included in our database are: For these types of sacred buildings there are other data collections and data bases. Exceptions can be postwar follow-up buildings or alterations and reconstructions of older churches lost through war in order to cover the whole history of a building, especially for our own church parish (first church historist building by August Orth, destruction 1945 and new church building by Otto Bartning 1956)

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Kath. Pfarrkirche Herz Jesu
Weimar, Thüringen
Evangelische Christuskirche
Aschaffenburg (By)
Basiliek van het Heilig Hart, ... du Sacré-Coer (katholisch)
Brüssel - Koekelberg, Belgien (B)